Immune System


“The immune system, more than any other system in the body, is central to your health and well-being because it affects every other part of the body.

~Dr. William R. Kellas

Your body, just like the computer you’re staring at to read this, has amazing recovery systems in place to help you when you’re attacked by invaders. Your immune system is ever-vigilant, on guard to protect you from dis-ease. Consider for a moment how much your immune system must deal with… to start, it must be able to detect a huge variety of pathogens; from viruses to bacteria, parasites to poisons your immune system is the world’s greatest detective. This vital system must be able to adapt to an ever-increasing variety of new information, and then keep it stored for future use. The immune system is attacked so often that it has to be careful not to get confused and start attacking itself in a state of confusion, leading to a condition called auto-immunity. Most frequently, your immune system simply gets run-down from the constant battle of fighting off attackers without enough rest to fully recover. This is how disease starts.

Thankfully, there are natural ways to strengthen your immune system so that it is ready for whatever is thrown its way…whether it’s exposure to a cold virus or something much more serious. Natural immune boosters like elderberry, Maitake mushroom, astragalus root and homeopathic agents such as argentum nitricum and berberis aquifolium can be combined with proper nutrition and supplementation to build an iron-clad immune system.  Thriveology considers a strong immune system to be a primary concern. Dr. Stacy can help you determine immune weaknesses and how to improve them.