What They Are Saying About Nicole

The integrity of the Kimmels is bedrock to all aspects of their lives and practice. They are transparent with their purposes and proffer no hidden agendas. When they say they will take on a task, they do. When they say they will follow-through, they do. Another aspect of integrity is being stable and solid. The Kimmels work with a solid purposeful motion when taking on a task or a project. Their personal credentials speak volumes, yet even more impressive is this synergy of effort. Their unique education, perspective, training and business experience come together to bring more to the table than a singular professional.

Dr. Tom Petit, Ph.D. and Ruthie Petit, M.A., M.S.

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There simply are not enough words to describe how much we respect and believe in what the Kimmel’s stand for. In today’s world of professional apathy, we are honored to know and work with these two exceptional doctors. When they give you their word or commit to a deadline, you can be sure their “word is their honor.

Dr. Todd Frisch, D.C. and Linda Frisch
Founders and Developers of SHAPE ReClaimed

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Stacy and Nicole have both been so amazing in taking the time to listen to me and work with me through some very hard times. Dealing with anxiety and hormone issues is not a good combo, but I truly feel this is the best care I have had so far in my healing journey. They both have a true want to help people and not just focus on the time and money...you can feel that when your in the care of either of them. I have truly been helped between supplements and diet working with Stacy and working with Nicole and her amazing program to rewrite my life and anxiety and truly feel more in control of my emotions and how I handle my life. I wake up knowing I have purpose again, knowing I am strong and that even when it gets bumpy through my journey Stacy and Nicole are just a call away to being right there again if needed. Had you asked me a year ago if i could keep going like I was..my answer was no I was done. My answer now is yes!! Nicole has given me so many tools and ones to use daily at home to help keep me focused on my goals and what brings me joy. Being more in the moment again in my life is priceless...something. I can never thank Nicole or Stacy enough for the time and things I have been learning to heal!

Shamain Horton
Nanny; Springfield, MO

Unlike traditional therapists, that I had seen over the years, Nicole's coaching has been the catalyst of many breakthroughs for me. Even from across the miles (on the phone), she relates by sharing real life experiences coupled with knowledge and education. What I love most is that I don't have to do all the talking, with someone just listening, why I struggle to find the way. She gives authentic and honest feedback and isn't afraid to point out challenges immediately. I appreciate the books, pod casts, articles and other artifacts she references in order to coach. I have loved her SELF ReClaimed program and it inspired me to really get to know who I am from the inside out. I am more self aware than ever before and have really noticed changes in my life that came from and due to her teachings.

Sarah Bates
Zions Bancorporation, ETO Program Manager; Salt Lake City, UT

I was referred to Nicole by a friend. I was impressed at how much information she wanted to know before talking with me and how much she knew already when I called. I didn't know what to expect before we talked because I was going to be speaking on the phone about my life with someone I never met in person. It turned out to be the most valuable time that I spend on the phone...period. Nicole is amazing. She is knowledgeable and current and relevant. She is funny and kind. She cares about what she does. She is well-rounded. Nicole has influenced and changed my life. Whenever I am in a challenging situation or doubt myself, I honestly have many of her phrases in my mind and I think ``What would Nicole say or do?`` I would recommend Nicole's services to anyone who is looking for change. I think she works at any pace. She can start with ``baby steps`` or jump right in and get to the hard stuff with a fountain of advice and new skills. Thank you Nicole for your hard work and passion for people and helping to make people better.

Angie Siddoway
Highschool Health and PE Teacher; Layton, UT

Nicole Kimmel appeared in my life at one of those special times I was seeking extra guidance. We connected via email for months and I immediately felt that she was knowledgeable, caring, and full of integrity. Additionally, she was able to intuitively discern my needs and concerns. Through thoughtful direction, sprinkled with a dose of love, she assisted me in a way that was unexpected and welcomed. The day Nicole and I finally connected on the phone was certainly memorable. She was polite, professional, enthusiastic, and INTELLIGENT! I found it easy to relate to her, and looked forward to connecting even further. She is certainly a woman that I can trust, and I would highly recommend reaching out to her.

Charlene Nicholson
Entrepreneur, Writer; Springfield, MO

I am so thankful and grateful to have been able to work with you in the salon because it led me to your office. I know I did the work but I couldn't have begun without you. You helped me change my life. Thank you form the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul and spirit...thank you! Using your loving heart and empathy with people who may have never experienced interacting with someone like that...blunt and honest, but still kind, makes a difference. Showing people that change can happen if you let yourself evolve and do the hard work, showing them they can have the life they want...you give that to people. You're doing something wonderous and it's beautiful. You are awesome Nicole. All my love and light!

Marissa Pence
Hair Stylist, Springfield, MO

I'm not sure if I can put into words how much Nicole has helped me over the last couple of years. She has given the tools and support I've needed to get through one of the hardest things I have ever faced. I truly wouldn't be the person I am today without her.

Katie Hansen
Hair Stylist; Springfield, MO

Stacy and Nicole Kimmel are ‘gifted’ in their profession. They have taught our family life skills, proper fitness techniques and provided in-depth knowledge about the importance of eating healthy and exercising to better our health. The knowledge they provide in naturopathic health and healing has proven to be beneficial. As a former gymnast and cheerleader, I had gotten to the point that my ankles hurt so bad I had to wrap them to do any type of physical activity. But after taking the krill oil (that Stacy suggested), within a short period of time, I noticed that I didn’t have to wrap my ankles anymore. Thank you for enlightening us about health options we didn’t even know we had.

Lesley Skinner
Signs Now franchise owner; Springfield, MO

Nicole and I have spent over 16 hours working together through Mentor Coaching practice. Nicole is very resourceful, quick on her feet, and very flexible; to meet the needs of any situation. Every once in a while you meet someone who seems to be a born coach. She has added extensive education and practical experience to that core gift. The coaching profession needs Nicole to take it to the next level of expression!

Jerry DeShazo
DD, MBA, ICF Master Certified Coach

I have suffered from horrible, chronic headaches for as long as I can remember. Headaches to the point it's very hard to enjoy my daily activities, let alone focus well at school or work. I have seen numerous doctors, and tried a variety of medications, all with no relief whatsoever. Dr. Stacy and Nicole introduced me to AmpCoil, and it has dramatically reduced the amount AND severity of headaches I have each week. I still have some headaches, but this is still a huge improvement from the previous daily headache I was having. I am excited to continue on my AmpCoil journey because I believe that amazing things will keep happening.

Hannah Swanson
Nursing Student; Springfield, MO

I am the CEO & Co-Owner of Silpada Designs, a company comprised of over 50,000 independent sales representatives. Nicole was one of our most successful representatives & organizational leaders…& has consistently achieved many top awards within our company. She is an extraordinary individual. She is bright, articulate, energetic, passionate, & a person of action and integrity. And, she is also a very serious & disciplined business person.

Gerald (Jerry) Kelly
CEO Silpada Designs, Inc.; Kansas City, MO

Nicole is a great coach. She has a spirit and drive that keeps her team motivated & focused. I worked directly with Nicole on the launch of a new regional store chain when I was the Executive Creative Director with NOBLE, a regional advertising agency. Nicole was an excitable client and coach and not only articulated the vision, but lead people to participate in it. And through the twists and turns that happens when launching a campaign, Nicole was never on the sideline but fully in the game. I continue to admire and enjoy her partnership, her fearlessness and her strong desire for excellence.

Tim Bade
Executive Creative Director for Noble Communications; Springfield, MO

I first made contact with Nicole back in 2009, when she enrolled on our Style Coaching™ Diploma Course. From very early on, Nicole stood out from the crowd most notably because of her contagious enthusiasm, energy, optimism, drive and ambition. I worked with her as a mentor, which gave me a unique opportunity to gain an insight into her level of expertise and knowledge – and I have been continuously impressed with her attention to detail, her outstanding work ethic, her ‘can‐do’ attitude, and her unfaltering professionalism.

Kate Cutting
VP Member Communications (International Association of Style Coaches)
Director of International Studies (Style Coaching Institute)
Gloucestershire, England

Nicole’s abilities are amazing & are exceeded only by her desire and determination to succeed. She finishes everything she starts & is detail oriented. Her communication skills and confidence are always impressive. Her reputation personally and professionally is excellent.

Tammy Felton
Coach, Producer, Consultant Felton Entertainment Group; Ozark, MO

I have had the pleasure of knowing Nicole for the past 20 years & can say without reservation that Nicole is the most motivated, enthusiastic, and determined woman I have ever met. Nicole has the unique ability to communicate and “connect” with people in a way that most people cannot. She is a forward thinking individual with a relentless work ethic & professional drive that simply exceeds the majority of her colleagues, both male & female. Nicole is organized, methodical, and committed to excellence in everything she does, which is reflected in her successful business ventures. Personally, Nicole is outgoing, warm, & engaging. She has found the balance between being a successful and respected business woman, & a loving caring mother & wife. As an owner of multiple businesses myself, I take the responsibility of writing testimonials very seriously. If you’re looking for the best in the business, your search is over. Nicole Kimmel is the one-in-a-million you want!

Scott Opfer
President Opfer Communications; Springfield, MO

As soon as I started consulting with Stacy & Nicole, I knew they could help me. I have learned so much about how natural remedies can replace my medication and have experienced the great effects. I love getting to the root cause, instead of covering up my symptoms. In addition, I sleep better at night, I have more energy, & I just have an overall good feeling of well-being. Thank you Thriveology! I will continue to Thrive, thanks to your wonderful help!

Carol Fritts
Retired Highschool Counselor; Springfield, MO

I would put Nicole Kimmel in the same class as a Dale Carnegie. She knows ‘How to Win Friends & Influence People!’ Nicole has exceptional talent coaching people on how to create opportunity & achieve goals. She is amazing, because she is so determined to help others succeed.

David Trottier
Summer Fresh Supermarkets, Owner; Springfield, MO

Working with Nicole is something that I have never experienced. Nicole has deeply touched my heart in a time I most needed it. I never knew it was possible to feel this safe expressing myself to another person. She is honest, witty, and unbelievably kind. Each time I meet with her I am still amazed at her ability to understand and relate to me in a way no one else ever has. Whether it is a sad situation, or even something silly, she is always the first person I want to tell everything to. She is such a blessing to my life and I am so thankful for every second I get to spend with her.

Hannah Swanson
Nursing Student

I was referred to Nicole and Thriveology by my doctor. I was dealing with depression triggered by Empty Nest. Nicole's SELF Reclaimed program and her approach to coaching has helped me immensely by requiring more of an active participation in my recovery. Nicole is empathetic and professional - 2 qualities that make her an excellent coach - I am feeling better than I have in a long time.

Susan Cooper
Licensed Massage Therapist & Fitness Trainer; Springfield, MO

Nicole’s coaching and life guidance have taken me on an empowering journey of self discovery. She has improved my quality of life….physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Nicole is truly an expert who embodies integrity, authenticity, and unconditional love. Since relocating to Dallas, I have been lucky enough to continue to receive her services. Should you make the invaluable decision to work with Nicole, I know you will find what you’re looking for…just like I did.

Krista Johnson
Learning & Technology Manager SEPHORA inside JCPenney; Dallas, TX

Nicole Kimmel is an incredibly compassionate person that also happens to be a therapist. Talking to Nicole is always non-threatening and I feel safe talking about those not-so-pleasant things that brings you to a therapist's office in the first place. She listens to you as a real person. I find her to be genuinely warm and caring and super easy to talk to. My confidence has soared since I starting seeing Nicole. She has been a gift to me and I am very grateful.

Kristen Daughrity
Certified Nurse's Assistant; Monett, MO

Having a very strong aha moment tonight that's making me understand the big picture of Self Reclaimed. I'm very thankful for this therapy, and wish I would have found you 10 years ago. You may be stuck with us for a very long time. This is really a journey that has no destination. We will really be fixing the pot holes in our life from cradle to grave.

JW and Brandy Jeter
Logistics Broker at Transland; Fair Grove, MO

Talking with Nicole is like talking to your best friend. She's so understanding, but yet so honest. She genuinely cares for her clients, and it shows. She wants her clients to be the best versions of themselves, and that isn't always easy. I'm more honest with Nicole than myself sometimes. She just has a way of getting you to open up and seeing things with true clarity. I feel like when I first starting seeing Nicole, I was just an ugly caterpillar, but slowly and surely I'm turning into a beautiful butterfly. I have, and would continue to, recommend Nicole to anyone looking for self-discovery, guidance, or just someone to talk to.

Jill Finney
VP Communications United Way of the Ozarks, Battlefield, MO

Nicole and her SELF ReClaimed program have been the catalyst to my greatest personal growth experience so far in this lifetime. I can't thank her enough for leading me on this awakening journey. Her kindness, understanding and empathy are only some of the amazing skills she possesses to help guide you to your authentic self allowing you to live a peaceful and loving life. I highly recommend Nicole and her coaching services to anyone.

Susan Stappler
Manitoba, Canada