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Meet the Thriveologists, Dr. Stacy & Nicole Kimmel

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“We work with people from a distance, too!”

Nicole Kimmel; wife, mom, grandmom (pammy)

Truth Seeker, Book Adorer, Brain Fanatic, Word Smith, Sun Worshiper, Organization Freak, Cookie Baker, Exercise Enthusiast, Life-long Learner, Flower Grower, Nature Lover, Writer, Style Maniac, Change Agent; DEVELOPMENT COACH.

I started my coaching career as an employee trainer in a large organization and quickly learned that people wanted to learn more than the tasks on a job description.  As a result, I found my passion for “developing,” people (personally and professionally); developing new positions within organizations; developing new procedures/systems to streamline outdated practices; developing new programs to enhance work/life experiences, etc…but most importantly developing new mindsets!

I am proud to be the architect and co-author of SELF ReClaimed™, a Self-Empowerment toolkit that helps people transform their limiting beliefs into limit-less beliefs. This project was very personal to me, as I had always dreamed of developing a resource for people to better understand their behavior, based on years of family patterns.  My goal with this program is to help others find the strength to break the cycle, so they can “Re-Write their Story” and “ReClaim their Life.”

With my many different business experiences, one theme is consistent, my love of helping people help themselves.  For the last several years, I have taken all my prior training, education, & knowledge…and dedicated my time & energy to doing just that.

Nicole Kimmel holds a PhD in Lifestyle Health Coaching and graduated from Southwest Missouri State University with a B.S degree in Communication Management. Through her Master’s studies in Organizational Behavior at UTD (University of Texas, Dallas), she received an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Executive Business Coaching License.

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Stacy Kimmel; husband, dad, granddad (poppi)

Health Engineer, Head Landscaper, Exercise Freak, Mr. Fix-It, Motorcycle Maniac, Chief Science Officer, Dog Whisperer, Protein Guru, Household Executive Chef, Chauffeur, Egghead; NATURAL HEALTH PRACTITIONER.

I started my Health career as a Certified Personal Trainer, working with people of all ages to assist them in their wellness journeys. Though there were many different personalities, mindsets and goals, when all of the layers were peeled back it was revealed that each person really wanted the same thing…to feel better. My initial coursework and training was more than adequate to teach the difference between a lunge and a squat, a protein and a carbohydrate, and to tell the difference between a bicep and tricep; what I really needed was to push further in my educational pursuits to be able to offer people a way to truly feel better from a holistic standpoint. I knew I wanted to help in a different way, a way that coincided with my belief that a person could build great health naturally, without side effects, if they simply were given the right tools. This is what led me to Natural Medicine.

At Thriveology, I use the tools of functional nutrition, functional exercise and rehabilitative stretching, targeted dietary supplementation, homeopathy, herbal remedies and other modalities to teach others how to regain and maintain their best health. My focus is on prevention of chronic ailments, as most of these health scourges have been shown by research to be brought on by poor lifestyle health habits. I’ve picked a big fight with obesity, which is a particularly insidious disorder that must be solved if amazing health and vitality are to be regained.  I’m driven to help all who will allow me to teach them, as this was the original role of a doctor (the root word of doctor is docere, which in Latin means “to teach.”)

Dr. Stacy holds a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine, a Doctorate in Naturopathy, is licensed as an Ecclesiastical Holistic Medical Practitioner and is board certified as a Natural Medicine Practitioner by the Texas Chiropractic College (CNMP).  He is a proud and enthusiastic practitioner of the SHAPE ReClaimed™ Health Transformation protocol and has extensive training in functional nutrition, sports nutrition, exercise science, rehabilitative fitness and holistic healing.

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